Game screenshots

Unreal Engine 4 powered bizarre Drodo island


  • Q: How to get activation code?

    A: Players who reserved before 16th July all have chance to get activation code. We will send the code to your email, stay tuned!

  • Q: How to download PC Auto Chess?

    A: Download Epic Games. Tap your Account – Redeem Code, enter your activation code to get PC Auto Chess.

  • Q: Will my data and account be saved?

    A: No. It’s closed Beta. We will delete all the file of this test.

  • Q: Device requirements for PC Auto Chess?

    A: Recommended: OS: Windows 7+; Processor: Intel i7+; Memory: 8G +; Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 +. Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows 7+; Processor: Intel i3+; Memory: 2G +; Graphics: -GT720 +

  • Q: Can I play Auto Chess cross-platform?

    A: The purpose of this test is to test the core functions. The cross-platform function is not available yet. In the future, you can play Auto Chess with the same account, both on PC and Mobile.

  • Q: Cannot enter Epic Games Store

    A: You must login with Epic Games account. You can register an Epic Games account in Epic Games Store. Log in, then you can activate your code.

  • Q: Cannot register Epic Game account

    A: During registration there will be verification which takes several seconds to complete. Please wait patiently.

  • Q: Which account should I use for PC Auto Chess?

    A: You can only play PC Auto Chess using Dragonest account, which you have used for reservation.

  • Q: When will I get the limited rewards for reservation?

    A: The limited rewards for reservation will be distributed uniformly during the open beta test phase